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Visual Field Examination

Hammond-Adv-Test-4 optometrist Grand Prairie, TX


Formal visual field examinations are generally performed using automated perimetry. These instruments work by measuring the ability of persons to see points of light at varying locations on a curved surface.


Visual field examinations may be indicated in any of the following clinical circumstances

  • vfe optometrist Grand Prairie, TXglaucoma
  • glaucoma suspect
  • other optic nerve disease
  • neuro-ophthalmic disease
  • retinal disease
  • systemic disease
  • vascular conditions affecting the visual fields
  • high-risk medications affecting the visual fields
  • disorders of the eyelids affecting the visual fields
  • significant eye injury
  • new functional limitations (can be reported by family members as “running into things”)
  • unexplained vision loss (can be described as “trouble seeing” or “vision going in and out”)

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